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Custom Orthotics & Shoe Services in Washington, D.C.

Improve your overall comfort daily with foot supports made for your specific needs. Expert Shoe & Luggage Repair in Washington, D.C., makes and repairs custom orthotics. These shoe inlays correct abnormal walking patterns and prevent pain and damage to other parts of your body.
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Shoe Repair

Walk away in your favorite old shoes looking like they did on the day you bought them. We repair all types and brands of shoes in our in-house orthopedic lab. Save on buying a brand new pair by simply restoring the pair you've come to love. From shine to sole, we'll make them look top-notch.

Shoe Dyeing

Loosen your laces and let your shoes show their true colors. Take a white pair to a more sophisticated black or a light brown pair to dark. Most any color you need is possible with our shoe dyeing services.

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Shoe Modifications

Even out your stride with shoe modifications. We fill doctor-ordered prescriptions for corrective shoes to assist those with foot and leg discrepancies. Custom-molded shoes are possible for people who have medical-related foot issues, like hammer toes, overlapping toes, or an abnormal foot shape or condition. We also build up shoe heels to compensate for a shorter leg.

Foot Care Products

Treat your feet with the respect they deserve. We carry a large selection of foot care products, including bunion-related and hammer toe-related products.
Making shoes — Custom Orthotics in Washington, D.C
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