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Orthopedic Shoes and Custom Shoe Modification

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Pedorthics is the design, manufacture, modification and fit of footwear, including foot orthoses, to alleviate foot problems cause by disease, overuse, congenital defect or injury. It's footwear, carefully fitted, to relieve or accommodate temporary or permanent foot problems. It can look so “mainstream” that to others don't realize a foot problem exists. It costs less that a lot of people expect and it can help people stay healthy.

At Expert Shoe and Luggage Repair we are certified by the American Board in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Perothics to design Pedorthic Footwear.

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Sports Injuries:

Design customer inlays to assist in relieving pressures and assisting in shock absorption.

Diabetes Foot Care:

Working from a doctor's prescription, custom shoes help to alleviate foot problems. Modifications can be made both internally and externally to assist in protecting the foot and improving their function.

Since feet work in conjunction with the legs, hips and back, foot problems can lead to stress and strain on other parts of the body.

Having custom modifications done for you is simple and easy, bring your prescription to Expert Shoe and Luggage repair in D.C. and we will then measure your foot and in some circumstances make an impression of your foot. From there we expertly construct or modify your shoes for a perfect fit. As a certified pedorthist we specialize in working with you to ensure the shoe and foot orthoses are part of a healthy solution to your foot needs.
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